• ​​We sell *award winning* discount brand golf clubs.  People's reaction after hitting these clubs? Shocked impressed by their performance; and glad they're so much cheaper than leading brands.

  • ​​We custom-fit all orders. Why is this important? It can negatively affect your swing if your clubs don't fit. It also hurts your performance.  We make sure you choose the right length, grip size, flex and more. 

    Groovy Gifts

​Buy gift certificates for friends and family!  They won't be disappointed with our selection of new custom golf clubs!

Transition Time

Build Time  3 to 5 days. 
Ship Time  
3 to 7 days. 
Total Time 1 to 2 weeks. 

*We now ship products to the US, Canada, UK and Ireland! 

Clubs That Fit Your Game

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Local Services

We offer local services for those of you who live in the Jacksonville, Florida area. If you live in the area shown in the map to the right, we will PICK UP and DELIVER your order FREE. Now there's no need to even leave the driveway! We offer a variety of services: grip installation, shaft installation, shaft lengthen, shaft shorten, lie adjustment & loft adjustment.

We pickup and deliver orders in the local area of Jacksonville, Florida. (Minimum order $49.95)




  • How? With the Club Fitting Zone:a handful of easy questions, such as "How tall are you? and how far do you hit your drive?". Once complete, it calculates your recommended club specs.

  • Have you noticed when shopping for golf clubs, they aren't concerned whether or not you're custom-fitted? Well we are. Whether you choose our clubs or not, click through the free and easy Club Fitting Zone to get your club specs!